Adjustable Office Furniture

Adjustable Office Furniture Designed to Fit Your Space

Adjustable office furniture is essential to the modern office. It allows flexible layouts and the ability to move furniture from one space to another easily.

When Buying Adjustable Office Furniture in New Zealand Aim for Maximum Flexibility and Style

Flexibility and style are essential in modern workspaces. Furniture that is light-weight, rolls and is height-adjustable allows you to change the space quickly and efficiently to suit changing requirements. Open layouts allow for this movement but often lack privacy. Ensure your design includes privacy screening to act as both a visual screen and noise barrier. These screens create private areas for confidential meetings or calls.

Your office space should reflect your company’s style and brand. Choosing colourful furniture can contribute to a feeling of brightness or calm, depending on your goal. Incorporating greenery, such as a living wall, softens a space and makes it appear more welcoming for employees and visitors. Another way to make space feel welcoming is to create a reception area that is comfortable for your clients. Select a reception counter that is standing height to allow clients to write or lean on the desk. Your reception seating should reflect the office style while providing comfort to your clients.

Areas Where Adjustable Furniture is Beneficial

Adjustable furniture is essential for the comfort of your employees. In your office space, providing height adjustable desks will contribute to the health of your staff by allowing them to vary their movement throughout the day. Varying movements help employees remain focused and energised, which in turns keeps them happy and productive. The key to a comfortable reception area is to design a space with your client’s comfort in mind. Choose soft seating that is lightweight and can be easily rearranged as seating requirements change. It’s essential that you include coffee or end tables for clients, so they have a place to set their coffee, tea, or water glass.

Board rooms are another area where you can utilise our Christchurch adjustable furniture. These rooms need to function well, meaning tables and chairs should be easy to reconfigure for a variety of meetings. Chairs should be functional, light-weight, and comfortable. Tables must be the right shape and size for the room, and it’s essential that enough space remains for both chairs and people to move around. If you tend to move tables and chairs frequently, it is critical that they can roll.

Office furniture should be selected with the whole office in mind to create a cohesive and unified space. Choosing colours and styles that match, whether the pieces are in the reception or workspace is critical to creating the unified appearance your employees and clients expect.

Canterbury Office Furniture manufactures over seventy per cent of our office joinery furniture onsite, which eliminates additional third-party costs and saves you money. You can view our range of products in our showroom or online, and we can also tailor-make products to suit your requirements.

Visit our Christchurch showroom or contact us to discuss your furniture requirements.

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