Revamp Your Home or Business Office with the Help of New Zealand’s Canterbury Office Furniture

Office furniture can be more than just the chair in which you sit, or the desk where you work. Indeed, at Canterbury Office Furniture (COF), we are committed to helping customers revamp their office designs with innovative, high-quality office furniture in New Zealand. Whether you are redesigning a large corporate office or …read more.

Choose Ergonomic Office Equipment in Christchurch, with the Help of Canterbury Office Furniture

Few things make the workday worse than an uncomfortable chair. Believe it or not, providing your employees with more ergonomic seating options—and with superior workspaces in general—will help improve their morale, productivity and general quality of work. If you are looking for ergonomic office equipment in Christchurch …read more. 

Shop at Canterbury Office Furniture in Greymouth for Office Furniture for Your Home or Commercial Workplace

Are you trying to give your office a fresh look? Canterbury Office Furniture in Greymouth carries fantastic office furniture suitable for a home business or commercial setting. We supply you with options for top-of-the-line equipment that is built tough to stand up to the requirements of everyday use and can withstand the test of time …read more.

Purchase Desks and Office Chairs in Greymouth at Canterbury Office Furniture

If you’re shopping in Greymouth for an office desk, make sure to check out the great selection available at Canterbury Office Furniture. We understand how critical it is to select the right type of desk and office chairs in Greymouth for any business …read more.

Find the Ideal Supplier to Secure an Electric Height-Adjustable Standing Desk or Workstation in NZ

It can be easy to overlook — but the furniture found throughout an office has a significant impact on productivity and comfort. It’s not just about having enough reception seating to keep clients, guests, and others comfortable while they wait for their turn, though that’s important too. It’s also about encouraging productivity and keeping …read more.

Replace Your Old Office Furniture with Adjustable Standing Desk Made in New Zealand

The health benefits of moving more throughout the workday are well known. A simple way to incorporate movement while being productive is to replace your old office furniture with a standing desk that is adjustable and made in New Zealand  …read more.

Adjustable Office Furniture Designed to Fit Your Space

Adjustable office furniture is essential to the modern office. It allows flexible layouts and the ability to move furniture from one space to another easily …read more.

How to Find the Ultimate Canterbury Commercial and Home Office Furniture in Christchurch

We understand how difficult it can be when you are looking for office furniture. There are about a thousand things you must think of, and about a million options for office furniture in Christchurch alone. We have decided to give you a simple guide of the top three things you need to keep in mind when shopping for both home and …read more.

Electric Adjustable Height Standing Office Desks in Christchurch

Stand up desks are becoming more and more popular as we become more conscious of the physical effects of sitting for long periods. As more studies come out telling us to stand more and walk more, many of us find ourselves shouting “but I don’t have the time!” Well, now you do. Buying a standing desk in Christchurch gives …read more.