Height Adjustable Desk

Replace Your Old Office Furniture with Adjustable Standing Desk Made in New Zealand

The health benefits of moving more throughout the workday are well known. A simple way to incorporate movement while being productive is to replace your old office furniture with a standing desk that is adjustable and made in New Zealand.

Should You Purchase a Manual or Electric Standing Desk for Your New Zealand Office?

Adjustable desks were originally designed to be manually raised or lowered, either by use of a crank or by lifting and pulling the desk forward. Since the original design, electric motors have been added to allow height adjustment at the push of a button. Manual and electric standing desks have a place in the office, but how do you know which one will work best for your space?

The main benefit of manual adjustable desks is they do not require electricity, giving you the freedom to place your desk in any location without being limited by available electrical outlets. Manual desks are longer lasting as they have fewer parts. The parts are less likely to break down and are easy to replace or repair. Manual desks are not as easy to adjust as electric desks, but they come in a wider range of styles to suit any space. One final consideration is the load the desk will hold. Manual desks have limited lifting capacity when compared to an electric desk.

The main advantage of electric desks is you can adjust the height with the press of a button. This convenience comes at a cost. While electric desks have become more affordable, they remain more expensive than manual desks.

Both manual and electric standing desks are excellent options. In general, if you are looking for convenience and easy adjustment then the electric desk is the best option. If you have limited access to electrical outlets or move desks around frequently, then a manual desk is the better option.

Tips for Transitioning to a Height Adjustable Desk in Your New Zealand Office

When you begin converting your office desks to adjustable desks built in New Zealand, ensure your staff transition gradually. Begin by standing for fifteen to twenty minutes throughout the day. This may mean standing for five minutes twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon. Gradually build up the time spent standing until there is equal time spent in both positions. Do not sit all morning and stand all afternoon. It is better for your body to change positions frequently as this reduces the likelihood of fatigue. The use of anti-fatigue mats and balance boards are an advisable accessory to add to your desk.

Once comfortable with the adjustable desk, begin to add in other movements. In a standing position, raise and lower your heels to strengthen your ankles and calf muscles. This exercise will help you feel more comfortable in standing positions and increase your ability to balance. When seated, you can try a few bicep curls or leg lifts. With your arms bent at ninety degrees and palms up, use your palms to push into the bottom of the desk to activate the biceps and other muscles in the arms. Leg lifts are simply a matter of using the quadriceps and hip flexor muscles to lift and lower the leg with the knee bent or straight.

Moving during the workday builds or maintains leg strength while remaining productive. Contact us to discuss the adjustable desk that will be the best fit for your office.

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