Natural Wood Veneer offers the greatest choice available in timber finishes, and is the best choice where a superior finish is required for commercial and domestic furniture, doors and paneling. No other material can match the intricate grain, rich colourings, warmth, beauty, and individuality offered by Natural Wood Veneers. By specifying Natural Wood Veneer you are choosing the ultimate means of conserving our precious forest resources. One 50mm thick piece of solid timber can be sliced into 70 leaves of veneer thus preserving our forests. The range of veneers we have available are sourced from New Zealand and around the world, and are skillfully worked to produce layers which are pressed onto a range of substrates and thicknesses. Natural Wood Veneer adds a character and mood unique to natural timber – from boardroom to domestic furniture.

Natural Wood Veneer Range:

Sapele v
Crown Cut Sapele

Sapele quarter v
Quarter Cut Sapele

Sapele pommele v
Sapele Pommele

Kwila v

Quilted birch v
Quilted Birch

European beech v
European Beech

European ash v
Crown Cut European Ash

Sycamore v
Pale rimu v
Pale RImu


Coloured rimu v
Coloured Rimu

Heart rimu v
Heart Rimu

Quilted maple v
Quilted Maple

NZ tawa v
New Zealand Tawa

Macrocarpa clear v
Macrocarpa Clear

Silky oak v
Silky Oak

Matai v

American hard maple v
American Hard Maple

American cherry v
Crown Cut American Cherry

Tasmanian oak v
Tasmanian Oak

Tasmanian ash v
Tasmanian Ash

Tasmanian Blackwood v
Tasmanian Blackwood

Jarrah v

Oregon v

Sen ash v
Sen Ash

Rewa rewa v
Rewa Rewa

Bubinga Quilted v
Bubinga Quilted

Blackbutt v

American white oak v
Crown Cut American White Oak

American white oak quarter v
Quarter Cut American White Oak

Teak v
Crown Cut Teak

NZ silver beech v
New Zealand Silver Beech

Western red cedar v
Western Red Cedar

NZ saligna v
New Zealand Saligna

American walnut v
American Walnut

Anegre v
Crown Cut Anegre

Anegre quarter v
Quarter Cut Anegre

Hoop pine v
Hoop Pine

Spotted gum v
Spotted Gum

Fijian kauri v
Fijian Kauri
Black heart sassafras v
Black Heart Sassafras


Wenge v
Crown Cut Wenge


Wenge quarter v
Quarter Cut Wenge


Myrtle v


Please note: The colours shown are as close to the actual product colour as modern processes will allow. To ensure that you select the exact colour you want, please be sure to request free product samples from our Christchurch showroom or help yourself to samples whenever you see a Melamine Stand.