Anti Fatigue Mat – Arise Standsoft

NZD $99.00 +GST

Do you suffer from any of the follow  – If you do this mat is for you  – Arise Standstoft Anti Fatigue Mat

Reports from new users of Sitstand desks suggest that many people, perhaps unused to standing for extended periods, are prone to a range of lower limb disorders:
shin splints
sore calves
spinal compression
varicose veins
swollen ankles and
associated disorders
A Standsoft mat and a gradual increase in non-seated
activity are prudent precautionary measures.


Arise Standstoft –  Anti Fatigue Mat

Stand your way to a healthier way of being. The new Arise Standsoft anti-fatigue mat has been specifically designed to work with the Sylex range of Sit Stand desks. The 100% PU moulded mats provide a platform that transfers downward pressure away from the hips, knees, ankles & feet.
Arise Standsoft bevelled edge reduces any tripping hazards. An intricate embossed leafy design distinguishes Arise Standsoft.
Standsoft is the perfect companion to the Arise ACT 2 desks and a necessity to any one standing over any length of time throughout their day.    10 Year manufactures warranty

Mat width: 800mm
Mat depth: 500mm
Mat thickness: 15mm