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BusyPod Large & XLarge

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Large Meeting Pod

There are just never enough meeting spaces. The cost of building more meeting rooms can be prohibitive, or just damn right impractical. The BUSYPOD Large soundproof 4-person meeting room is a cost effective and easy way to add flexible meeting spaces to any office, when and where you need them.

Wall mount a screen for built-in video conferencing, meet with up to 3 of your colleagues, or just use the pod to get away and focus on that report you’re working on. No need to build a new 12 person meeting room. Did you know over 70% of meetings have 4 people or less in them?

XLarge Meeting Pod

You need another large meeting room but there’s just no place that one can be built. Besides the cost is prohibitive and then there’s the building permits and landlord to deal with, not to mention those massive ‘make good’ costs when you vacate the premises!

The BUSYPOD XLarge is the perfect solution when a larger soundproof 6-8 person meeting room or board room is required. Mount a screen for video conferencing, hold your regular team or board meeting, present or pitch to clients. The XLarge is just what you are looking for.


BUSYPODs flexible, eco- friendly, and affordable range of phone booths and meeting pods are the perfect answer to the shared space dilemma.

Purpose built for portability, BUSYPOD is the better alternative to a traditional office fit-out. It’s quicker, there’s no permits, hassles or cost overruns! And with the majority of the materials being made from recycled and recyclable materials, we’ve got the environment in mind.

Quiet – BUSYPODs reduce noise by blocking out all those noisy office distractions, leaving you free to concentrate, make that important call, or read that important sales report. Our bigger pods are perfect for connecting and collaborating with your team.

Portable – Why limit yourself by building in a new meeting room. BUSYPOD offers flexible privacy solutions that can be moved around the office. Moving office? Take them with you. Try doing that with that old style meeting room!

Power, USB & Data outlets – Battery on low? No problem. All BUSYPODs come wired for power with a power socket for your laptop, and a USB port to charge your phone and other devices. Need data? This can be added to any of the pods.

Ventilation – Your comfort is paramount. That is why we have a unique ventilation system, powered by a low noise electric fan to ensure the air in the pod is fully circulated in just 3 minutes.‍

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