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Find the Ideal Supplier to Secure an Electric Height-Adjustable Standing Desk or Workstation in NZ

It can be easy to overlook — but the furniture found throughout an office has a significant impact on productivity and comfort. It’s not just about having enough reception seating to keep clients, guests, and others comfortable while they wait for their turn, though that’s important too. It’s also about encouraging productivity and keeping employees happy — and that’s why a sea change is underway in the approach many offices use towards the traditional desk. At Canterbury Office Furniture, we’re helping to lead the way as more employees and office managers take an interest in the latest trend sweeping the world — adjustable standing desks.

Before delving into that subject, who are we? With a 60 year history and the advent of new management, Canterbury Office Furniture is a complete supplier for all the core must-haves for a new fit-out or a renovation. From innovative reception counters that create more open and accessible spaces to storage, chairs, and even some custom work, we can assist you in securing the right furniture at the right price.

Why Switch to An Adjustable Height Workstation in an NZ Office?

Among options for office furniture, using a standing workstation in NZ is increasingly common and widespread. There are several reasons for this. Consider that when you do not have to spend all day sitting down:

  • It’s easier to get up, move around, and share ideas with co-workers, creating a free flow of information around the office.
  • You’ll be more comfortable and experience fewer instances of the pain and discomfort that comes from spending most of one’s day sitting down.
  • You can change the height of the desk to suit the needs of the particular task you have at hand, adding more versatility to your workspace.

While these may not necessarily make good reception desks, we have plenty of alternative options for the public-facing portion of your business. With the push of a button, though, an electric height adjustable workstation in your NZ office can instantly be ready for a new task — or to start the day off right. Why stay sitting when you could enjoy the benefits of standing instead? With our help, we can work together to locate the ideal make and model to deploy in your office for transforming the workday.

Connect with Canterbury Office Furniture Today

As your source for office furniture in New Zealand, we are also able to provide a range of additional products to complete your next fit-out. Our range includes privacy seating and privacy screening for employees, for when you want to create nooks throughout the office where individuals or small teams can retreat to brainstorm, hone ideas, and make project progress. We are also adept at supplying reception area furniture to suit a variety of styles and approaches, from the traditional to the modern. These options, plus an easy way to find a height-adjustable workstation desk in NZ, makes Canterbury Office Furniture the ideal source for all your needs. Connect with us today to find out more about how we can help.

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